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NuActor & Viral RNA/DNA extraction kit.

NuActor is an automated NA (nucleic acid: DNA/RNA) extraction solution with its own device and cartridge. Since all PCR requires a DNA/RNA isolating pre-treatment step, NuActor can be used as reliable partner for any commercialized PCRs. Especially, NuActor is designed to be a perfect partner for ExAmplar. By processing 8 samples within 15 minutes, NuActor can provide agility to deal with urgent test needs as well as throughput to cover routine processing needs. Several NuActor exclusive cartridges are available for different sample types and purposes and the list is growing constantly.

Automated Extractor.

▶ Extraction time < 15 mins
▶ From sample 200 μL
▶ Exclusive cartridge system
▶ Magnetic bead method
▶ Fully automated
▶ UV sterilization
▶ Size : 24 cm × 24 cm × 26 cm
▶ Weight : 6.98 kg

Viral RNA/DNA Extraction kit.

▶ 8 samples/run in within 15 minutes. (1 box: 96 tests)
▶ 200 μL sample to 100 μL DNA/RNA elution
▶ Room temperature storage


ExAmplar is a name given with a hope to be an exemplar of molecular diagnostics. With the patented fast temperature ramping technology, ExAmplar is one of the fastest real-time PCR device. The primary goal to develop ExAmplar was to be suitable in most rough and barren circumstances ever where the need for accurate diagnosis is still not met. Coupled with scaled up freeze-drying technology for enzymes applied to our PCR or RT-PCR kits, ExAmplar can dream being the public PCR testing solution for all neglected corners of the world.

RT-PCR Analyzer.

▶ Fast, Small and Cost Effective
▶ Time to result: <30 mins (DNA)/<55 mins (RNA)
▶ Sample type/volume: DNA or RNA 5 μL
▶ 8 tests/run
▶ Size : 20 cm × 24 cm × 18 cm
▶ Weight : 2.88 kg

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Cat #







< 30 mins(DNA)/< 55 mins(RNA)

ExAmplar COVID-19 real-time PCR kit (L)



Quanti-HCV v2.0



Quanti-HBV v2.0



Quanti-HIV-1 v2.0



MTB kit v2.0



Real-time COVID-19 PCR tests

Real-time PCR tests
▶ ExAmplar COVID-19 real-time PCR kit (L)
▶ Quanti-HCV v2.0 (for ExAmplar)
▶ Quanti-HBV v2.0 (for ExAmplar)
▶ Quanti-HIV-1 v2.0 (for ExAmplar)
▶ MTB kit v2.0 (for ExAmplar)

ExAmplex Series.

ExAmplex is specially designed PCR kit to detect multiple specific genes within single standard type tube. Ugenecell developed ExAmplex products to diagnose COVID-19 and Flu A/B together and(or) to diagnose multiple target genes in COVID-19.
ExAmplex PCR kit is compatible with open PCR systems and can be shipped and stored at room temperature. Room temperature shipping and storage condition of ExAmplex enables you to lower related costs. ExAmplex can be stored 1 year at room temperature, in addition to the simplest possible work procedure. Just put extract into the tube and run
the PCR.

▶ Ready-to-use
▶ Stable at Room temp.

ExAmplex Influenza A/B SARS-CoV-2 PCR kit

Multiplex: detecting Flu A, Flu B, and COVID-19 in ONE tube

Lyophilized: shipping and storage at room temperature (no dry  ice needed)

Target and Performance:



ExAmplex COVID-19 PCR 3-gene lyo kit

▶ Multiplex: detecting 3 COVID-19 genes in one tube
▶ Lyophilized: shipping and storage at room temperature (no dry ice needed)
▶ Target : SARS-CoV-2 N gene, ORF1-ab gene and Sarbeco E gene


ExAmplex COVID-19 PCR 3-gene kit

(Liquid type is also available)


LOD (copies/rxn)

95% of CI (copies/rxn)

Influenza A: M gene



Influenza B: HA gene



SARS-COV-2 : N gene



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Cat # Test
Influenza A/B  SARS-CoV-2 PCR kit

UFPK-6 96T/run
COVID-19 PCR 3-gene lyo kit